Edition: 2013-2014

She was so beautiful that she looked like an angel. Dormancy did not alter the beautiful pink tone of her skin: her cheeks where ruddy and her lips where coral red.

29/10/2013 21:00

Fear, laughter and love are part of this Indian story, in which two dwarfs, who absolutely love croquettes, get into quite a bit of trouble with a tiger.

07/03/2014 11:30

08/03/2014 09:30

The Anna Serra nursery school (complex number 2) continues with the second session of the series of meetings called “Scuola di Pensiero”(School of Thought), made for parents. The topic that will be explored is gender issues and it will be leaded by Daniele Del Pozzo, Director of the Gender Bender Festival, and the university researcher Federica Zanetti, who will be answering the questions of the parents.

12/03/2014 17:30

Study day
A study day aiming to describe didactic methodologies and experiences regarding topics such as gender differences and inequalities in school at all levels.

14/03/2014 09:00