La Bella Rosaspina addormentata

text and direction Emma Dante
with Gabriella D’Anci Rosanna Savoia, Emilia Verginelli
assistant to the direction Davide Celona
lights Gabriele Gugliara


She was so beautiful that she looked like an angel. Dormancy did not alter the beautiful pink tone of her skin: her cheeks where ruddy and her lips where coral red.

Rosaspina’s eyes were only closed but she breathed smoothly; she wasn’t dead. The king ordered everyone to let her sleep in peace until the time to awake arrived.

One hundred years passed and a lot of thing happened on the world! The first and second world war, the seventies, the Beatles, television, gay marriages, Facebook… Rosaspina fell asleep as a little girl and woke up as a woman. She falls madly in love with a modern prince, a different kind of one, who reveals his true identity only at the end of the story.

A fairy tale dedicated to the the process of growing up and discovering oneself, to the critical moment that marks the passage from childhood to adulthood.


from 7 years old.