the project

Teatro Arcobaleno (Rainbow Theatre) wants to make a contribution towards the construction of a richer and more welcoming society on a human, social and cultural level, where difference, linked in particular to gender and sexual orientation, can bring value to everybody.


What is Teatro Arcobaleno


It is a unique educational project in Italy, for various generations, expressly aimed at infants, teenagers, families and teachers. The main objective is to provide possible answers to the many questions that now spontaneously arise on issues of gender difference, to overcome prejudices, stereotypes and confused clichés in a shared way. It is a project that is in its third season, thanks to the work of trusted partners, who have generously shared resources, competences, professionalism and knowledge.



What we do, for whom

At the centre of the proposal, theatre and dance performances for young people facing the theme of differences in a light and poetic way, never losing sight of their target audience.

Alongside, it offers to teachers and those who study at university an educational path on the issues raised in the performances themselves. Since 2017, it offers free workshops for classrooms, kids anch teenagers, connected to the performances.


Theatre and dance performances for the young ones

The shows, coming from Italy, Spain and France, tell about relationships and bonds, they present a body on show that measures itself against its potential and its limits to help spectators and viewers, through theatre and dance, to recognize the space of emotions and care, to build and accept the many identities that make up humanity, in full awareness of one’s own self and one’s place in the world.


Workshops for schools and teenagers

Free of charge, conceived to discuss the theme of identities, to encourage free self-expression, dialogue among differences or to approach the vision of performances.

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