What is Teatro Arcobaleno?

An educational project on gender and sexual orientations, a proposal of shows for young people, an opportunity for adult education toward differences.

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Teatro Arcobaleno (Rainbow Theatre) is a unique educational project in Italy for various generations, expressly aimed at infants, teenagers, families and teachers. The main objective is to provide possible answers to the many questions that now spontaneously arise on issues of gender difference, to overcome prejudices, stereotypes and confused clichés in a shared way.

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The 2019-2020 season for families and schools is online!

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Stereotypes Game is at the same time a show and a workshop, performance and interaction. Male and female roles are deciphered and explored to shed light on the clichés that are imprinted on our worldview when it comes to dance, but also in everyday life.

26/10/2019 11:00

26/10/2019 18:00

27/10/2019 18:00

University Laboratory
A workshop on theater and gender for students of CdL in Educatore Sociale e Culturale.

28/10/2019 09:00

The participants will form a mountain chain with their own bodies, bearing in mind the variety of their shapes and abilities.

28/10/2019 17:30


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Discover the shows, the companies and the project partners, from 2013 to the present (soon in English).