Fare e disfare il genere (Doing and undoing gender)

The Gender and Education Study Center (CSGE) of the University of Bologna will hold a study day, which aims at describing didactic methodologies and experiences regarding topics such as gender differences and inequalities in school at all levels.

The study day includes, in the morning, some presentations (by invitation) given by institutional and scientific experts on the topic of the practices that concern gender differences in education. In particular, the event will count with the participation of Maria Cecilia Guerra, Vice-Minister of labour and social policies with responsibility for equal opportunities, as well as with the participation of national and international experts on the subject of teaching and learning about gender in schools.

In the afternoon, there will be a series of parallel seminars (workshops) in which teachers and educators working on gender awareness will be called to discuss their own methodologies and experiences.

In fact, many initiatives have already been implemented, often on the free initiative of single individuals.

The goal of the meeting is to stimulate the comparison of all the realities in the field, to stimulate a specific professional training.

CSGE organizing committee: Chiara Cretella, Francesca Crivellaro, Rossella Ghigi, Elena Luppi, Carlo Tomasetto, Federica Zanetti.