Progetto Dentro. I nostri silenzi.

A special project by Teatro Arcobaleno with Giuliana Musso divided into four sessions.

Dentro (Inside) Project. I nostri silenzi (Our silence) is a programme divided in four sessions born from the collaboration between Teatro Arcobaleno and Giuliana Musso’s latest work DENTRO, a show that made its debut last summer at the Venice International Theatre Festival “Biennale Teatro”
It consists in four meetings that revolve around taboos shared by the masses and that are hidden behind our personal silence. This meetings aim at listening, giving voice and visibility to unspeakable truths. After twenty years of groundwork, Musso’s research theater deals with the heaviest of secrets with discretion: intra-familial abuse. To do so, it exposes the research, revealing its processes, the hesitation, the inevitable comparison between fiction and real life.
The project consists in the dramatic reading of DENTRO and three meetings with the author in order to speak about taboos, self-censorship, and secret truths. I nostri silenzi.

Sunday 14 March, 9.00 pm

DENTRO. Una storia vera, se volete.

live streaming with Zoom
Free event upon reservation
Written and directed by Giuliana Musso
With Maria Ariis and Giuliana Musso
Original music by Giovanna Pezzetta
(A production of La Corte Ospitale. Debut: Biennale Teatro 2020)


DENTRO, Giuliana Musso’s latest work, talks about the author’s encounter with a woman and her secret story. A  story that is hard to listen to: a mother who discovers the worst of truths, a daughter who hates her mother, a father who is innocent until proven otherwise and an audience of therapists, educators, policemen, doctors, social workers, and lawyers. A show that raises questions that go beyond the events narrated in it, questions that become the real theme of the work. The taboo of intra-familial sexual abuse and the dynamics triggered by it, dynamics that trigger a reaction deep inside us; violence against minors and the inability of the family and society to face it; our struggle to accept the truth of the victims. Through this text, Giuliana opens up and makes a research on the role of theater and its fragile relationship with the topic of truth as well. As Giuliana says: “DENTRO is not research theater, it is the research itself, when it still makes part of life, my own life. DENTRO is not a work on violence but on the concealment of violence. DENTRO is a small theatrical tribute to the truth of children”.


I nostri silenzi

Teatro Arcobaleno also offers three meetings with Giuliana Musso following the dramatic reading. These meetings, which will also count with the participation of the audience, provide additional content about the topics that emerge from DENTRO, the text: the normalization of violence in the patriarchal culture, the taboo of the pain of the victims, the feeling of compassion as a cognitive tool.
Starting from the experience of dramatic writing for the so-called “teatro del vivente” (theater about real experiences), Giuliana will share with the participants some of her theoretical sources of study and her own experience after having met the witnesses. Each meeting will last two hours and will consist of two parts: the first one will focus on the topics and the questions the text raises, in the second part there will be a space for discussion with the participants.

Wednesday 17 March, 6.00 pm-8.00 pm
Fathers’ violence

Wednesday 24 March, 6.00 pm-8.00 pm
The anger of the children

Wednesday 31 March, 6.00 pm-8.00 pm
The theater of compassion


The meetings, with compulsory registration, are open to those who have been able to attend the dramatic reading on March 14 and will take place on Zoom.

The goal is to create heterogeneous groups, and to involve university students and an adult audience, which may or may not be involved in the educational sector (parents, teachers, interested people).