workshops and events for teachers

Workshops and events for teachers

Practical opportunities to discuss and widen one’s knowledge about teaching and learning about differences, following the free theoretical program, which is divided into three meetings. Free meetings addressed to teachers and adults interested in teaching and learning about differences.

In order to participate it is necessary to register following the indications given for every single meeting.


What are they?

Practical opportunities to discuss and widen one’s knowledge about teaching and learning about differences.
The goal is to draw starting points, make deeper reflections and watch the shows with more awareness.

Acting resources, educational plays, individual and group body exercises, which aim at giving rise to questions and creating a dialogue as teachers and as persons.
Education starting from oneself means experimenting in a more engaging way; a way that is richer in stimuli, so that it can be applied in daily teaching work.


Who are they for?

The program is aimed to teachers of all levels, educators and adults who are interested.


The proposals