CSGE – Centro Studi sul Genere e l’Educazione

The Centre for Studies on Gender and Education – CSGE of the Education Department of the University of Bologna deals with interdisciplinary research on gender and education, namely with social dynamics related to educational processes and socialization from a gender studies perspective. The center is the result of the collaboration among professors, scholars and researchers of the Department in various academic disciplines: Pedagogy, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, History, Philosophy and Physical and Natural Sciences.
The main purpose of the CSGE is to promote research on education and gender identity. Accordingly, it addresses to different audiences (university students, schools, cultural centers, local authorities, etc.) for issues pertaining to gender and education. The CSGE collects and promotes different approaches of research, and focuses on gender topics including:

  • Education to femininity and masculinity (and gender-related constraints, stereotypes, prejudices, etc..) in local, national and international context;
  • Education and good practices in gender relations;
  • Education, gender socialization and immigration;
  • Sexual discrimination and unequal conditions;
  • Social and media representations of gender differences;
  • Gender issues in educational, social and cultural settings.


Moreover, by connecting researchers and scholars in international networks, it promotes gender information on education; it also raises funds for further research in both local and national areas.