Il Cassero LGBTI+ center

The Cassero LGBTI+ center is the Arcigay provincial committee of Bologna, a political circle committed to the recognition of the rights of transgender, lesbian and gay people.

Cassrero LGBTI+ center is a cultural space that designs and creates artistic reviews and activities of social gathering and entertainment, an active laboratory in the development of services dedicated to the welfare and protection of our community.

Cassero has its roots in the 1977 movement within the student movements.

In 1979 the “Circle of homosexual culture 28 June” was born, which in June 1982 received from the Municipality of Bologna the headquarters of Porta Saragozza, the first case in Italy of a municipal administration that recognizes the importance and planning of a gay association and lesbian.

In 1985 he promoted the birth of the Arcigay national association, which he joined by taking the name of Circolo Arcigay Il Cassero.

On March 2, 2002, he signed an agreement with the Municipality of Bologna, receiving the new and current location, the Salara, located within the Manifattura delle Arti, a crossroads for the experiences of the Bologna Film Library, the Departments of Music and Show and Science of the Communication of the University of Bologna, and of Mambo, the Museum of Modern Art of Bologna.

Since 2003 he has been producing Gender Bender, international festival of performing arts, cinema, visual arts, music and events.