Warriors Foot

by Guilherme Miotto
with Nasser El Jackson, Amine M’barki

a co-production Corpo Màquina

The Netherlands

National premiere


Warriors Foot takes the football played by street children and adds a handful of dance to it, turning it into a sort of choreographic battle, a self-expression skill test.

During the performance, which is carried out by teenagers between the ages of 11 and 15 who participated in the freestyle football workshop, warrior-players will dance trying to get as close as possible to the ball.

The choreographer himself participates in the process, stimulating the performance by asking questions, giving indications and encouraging the others. Hovering between an experiment and a workshop, the works by the Brazilian choreographer Guilherme Miotto chose a strong urban context as a guiding thread.


from 11 years old


with the support of
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