C’era una sVolta

A show by Teatro dell’Argine

Authors and performers: Caterina Bartoletti, Patrizia Proclivi, and Ida Strizzi

Winner show of the City of Vimercate Award 2022

Age group: 8+


Three characters inhabit the stage and attempt to communicate: to be, to exist, to accept themselves and be accepted, or to be seen in order to see themselves! They meet, they dialogue, they vibrate: each one with their own color, harmoniously in tune, each one with their own diversity, which is the real strength. Dance, theater, lights, colors, and soap bubbles: different languages are intertwined on stage, mixing words, gestures and writing. A show that wants to tell teenagers that they can be themselves and decide what they really want to become by listening to their own dreams and tendencies, ignoring patterns and indeed … trying to break them!


Teatro dell’Argine Company, , based in San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna), has been operating since 1994 and is composed of a diverse group of artists, technicians, organizers and an administrative staff of different ages and professions. Moving between social and cultural topics, the company produces shows and reviews for both adults and children, and conducts educational projects in schools.


Offered by: Teatro dell’Argine