Stabat Mater

Trilogia sull’identità II


conception, text, direction Liv Ferracchiati
with Chiara Leoncini, Linda Caridi, Alice Raffaelli
and the participation of Laura Marinoni (in the role of the Mother)




The second chapter of the Trilogy about Liv Ferracchiati’s identity tells the extraordinary daily life of Andrea, a thirty year old writer.
This extraordinariness consists in living as a male when everyone, at least initially, observes how his body has female features.
Andrea is experiencing the difficulty of becoming an adult, struggling with the emotions of falling in love, constantly challenging social standards, and facing the complex process of emancipation from his mother.
In short, he is in search of a complete affirmation of himself. Stabat Mater brings into question the certainties that we accept in order not to fall into a territory that could escape from our control.


from 15 years old