Cattive ragazze

direction by Ignacio Gómez Bustamante and César Brie

with Clelia Cicero, Manula De Meo, Adalgisa Valvassori

a production Teatro Presente



Who are the bad girls?

They are women who have had revolutionary ideas and have changed and overturned traditions and stereotypes.

The show, based on the homonymous graphic novel by Assia Petricelli and Sergio Riccardi, chooses to tell the stories of three of them, Franca Viola, Domitila Barrios and Miriam Makeba, who had the courage to face the system, demanding a revolution in social, civil, and political terms, and who constantly struggled to have their ideas, their professionalism, and their inventions accepted, recognized and valued.

«I am not a heroine. I simply followed my heart and my emotions. There is nothing special on that», says Franca.

This is the reason why it is worth telling the stories of these audacious and creative women.


from 11 years old