Sorry, boys

by and with Marta Cuscunà
design and production of the heads Paola Villani
A Centrale Fies co-production

The performance is inspired by real life events in 2008, where 18 underage girls in an American high school all became pregnant at the same time, with the intention of bringing them up in a sort of female commune.

Sorry, boys tries to focus on the questions facing men: How are today’s young men? What adults are they preparing to become? Who are the young fathers and why aren’t they considered suitable to take part in the pact? And while the girls unite and project a new community, where are the boys, what are they doing, what are they thinking?

Theatre and video
For children of 16 years and older

Nominée for Best Actress or performer at Ubu Prize 2016

Motherlode / Drodesera 2015: Marta Cuscunà (IT) / Sorry, Boys from Centrale Fies on Vimeo.