A SECRET TALK – A writing workshop for young people aged 16 to 25

by Alessandro Berti e Gaia Raffiotta
a production Casavuota for Teatro Arcobaleno
in collaboration with ATER Fondazione/Teatro Comunale Laura Betti



A workshop for those who, at this moment, feel the need to write. The lack of opportunities to meet and study is overwhelming and perhaps writing can help, since it requires more time, attention, patience and sincerity.

The workshop will feature six meetings, between the end of January and the end of March.

The first meeting will be an online presentation, while in the following meetings Alessandro Berti and Gaia Raffiotta will share short films presenting some writing exercises for the following week with those who participate. The texts will be published twice a month on asecretalk.it, a blog that works as if it were a magazine.

Two topics in particular will be addressed:

  • The body, the desire and its commodification, the absence / presence of the people that we love, the longing for physical contact, the pleasure of distance.
  • Environmental collapse, ecology as a political and social commitment, the loss of biodiversity as a threat, the difficulty of committing to a common action.

These are general topics that will be examined in a personal and free way and which we will address with due calm and attention through writing.


CASAVUOTA is an association that has been committed for ten years to different cultural events that involve theater, writing and visual arts. It is meant to be a driving force to make people think about some fundamental issues in present-day world. CASAVUOTA dedicates constant attention to intercultural dialogue, and to the training of teenagers through mindful workshops that focus on sexuality, gender, race and their common ground. It also focuses on the artistic expressiveness of children, involving writers, scholars, artists and the public on these issues.