by Compagnia Garofoli/Nexus
text and direction by Nexus
with Laura Garofoli, Nedzad Husovic, Nexus
supervision for the dramaturgy Wu Ming 2




Licia is a girl who lives in the nomad camp of Rautalampi. At school she is the classic Roma girl in the last row, until one day she answers to a question correctly and becomes aware of herself. While returning to the camp, she finds a pair of boxing gloves: “A Roma sport, but still for men!”, they say. Licia is passionate about boxing and starts training in a community gym.
Adolescence catches Licia by surprise, who discovers the attention of Mirko, a boy from Rautalampi who promises to marry her.
When Licia accepts her first fight as an opponent, all the expectations about her, from Mirko’s to those of their families, clash with her desire to fight for herself.


from 13 years old