Quelle ragazze ribelli

by Gigi Bertoni
direction Alberto Grilli
with Tanja Horstmann, Maria Regosa

a production Teatro Due Mondi



Two actresses tell us the stories of women who courageously live or lived their lives during their historical time, examples of rebellion against conventions, discrimination, and cultural stereotypes. They are women who achieved their dream of freedom thanks to a strenuous resistance and to the fact that they broke the mold that society imposed on them. Tricks of light and shadows, choreographies and a rich musical background are part of this journey through history from the end of the nineteenth century to our present days, going up and down rhythmically to mitigate the drama, and make the public smile and feel excited. The light, and sometimes almost irreverent, tone with which “these rebellious girls” tell their stories, makes all their strength and their exceptional humanity explode on the stage, making us feel even closer to them.


from 11 years old