Pies de bailarìn

by and with Omar Meza
directed by Omar Meza, Yutaka Takei e Valeria Frabetti
A DA.TE Danza production

Before going on stage, a dancer receives a small package from his mother, with some small dance shoes and a letter: “You always wanted winged feet”.
It is a memory of an infancy lived in a violent situation, where the voice of his father went against the boy’s desire to dance.

The performance is a homage to dance, but also a biography, the solitary adventure of a boy who dares to defend his deepest and most real identity, notwithstanding the oppressive situation he finds himself in.

A story that symbolizes the struggle of everyone one of us to realize our dreams, to reach the deepest and most authentic version of ourselves.

For children of 8 years and older
National premier