Peter Pan guarda sotto le gonne

by Liv Ferracchiati
with Liliana Benini, Luciani Ariel Lanza, Chiara Leoncini, Alice Raffaelli


a production LOCATION X


Peter Pan guarda sotto le gonne (Peter Pan peeps under the skirts) is the first chapter of a trilogy about identity, written by Liv Ferracchiati together with Greta Cappelletti.

Peter is an eleven and a half years old kid, who lives in a female body and who discovers that he feels something curious and hard to explain for his friend Wendy, something similar to an attraction.

The only person Peter trusts is Tinker Bell, a fairy with no magic wand who is affected by violent mood swings: she will be exactly the one to help him understand what is happening to him.

Peter Pan invites us to reflect on what it means to live in a body that does not represent us.


from 14 years old