O O O O O O O (IT)

by Giulio D’Anna
with Mattia Agatiello, Chiara Ameglio, Cesare Benedetti, Noemi Bresciani, Pieradolfo Ciulli, Maura Di  Vietri, Francesca Penzo

O O O O O O O (IT) is a theatrical dance project inspired by the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb.
The performance, like the museum, revolves around the theme of the end of sentimental relationships and the perennial rebirth of love.

The young performers were asked to articulate, both verbally and physically, memories and experiences linked to damaged intimacy. The result is a performance of rare delicacy, a reflection on the sentimental state of young European adults.
A sort of postmodern musical that proposes and offers a moment of self-identification and reflection.

Dance and theatre
For children of 14 years and older