NOBODY NOBODY NOBODY it’s ok not to be ok (Collective Experience)

A workshop led by Daniele Ninarello and Mariella Popolla

Age group of participants
14 – 18 year olds


The workshop with the students will be articulated in debates, listening moments, movement and choreographic practices, both designed and developed around the theme of violence and the culture of abuse. Through group debates and reflections, with particular attention to anger and protest, the participants will be guided in the creation of physical material that will let them experience the sensations and emotions generated by each theme, both collectively and individually. The research will work to establish a collective archive, a series of movements, actions and gestures, that will be subsequently organized in choral form but also experienced in solo, to continue exploring the concepts of, on the one hand, isolation, abandonment, vulnerability, and, on the other, alliance, reciprocity and care.


Workshop module
6 meetings of 3 hours each


Daniele Ninarello trained at the Rotterdam Dance Academy and danced with internationally renowned choreographers such as Bruno Listopad, Virgilio Sieni and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. His works are presented in the most important Italian and international festivals. It is supported by Lavanderia a Vapore and by Festival OrienteOccidente.

Mariella Popolla is contract professor of Sociology of Labour at the University of Genoa. She educates on issues related to gender, sexuality, violence, homo-bi-lesbo-transphobic bullying for numerous organizations and groups.


Hospitality Training Institute IPSAR L. Veronelli | Casalecchio di Reno
Thursday 2nd February 2023
Monday 20th February 2023
Thursday 23rd February 2023
Wednesday 27th March 2023
Wednesday 29th March 2023
Monday 3rd April 2023


Secondary school F. Malaguti | Crespellano (Valsamoggia)
Wednesday 1st February 2023
Monday 20th February 2023
Wednesday 22nd February 2023
Wednesday 29th March 2023
Tuesday 4th April 2023
Wednesday 5th April 2023


Pic by di Sarah Melchiori