Leonardo – diverso da chi?

by and with Simone Severgnini

A production Il Giardino delle Ore



Leonardo is a teenager and, as such, he is unique and special. Or different, as some of his classmates like to say.

In a very important moment for the definition of his identity, Leonardo has to face society and the people that surround him: his classmates, his teachers, and his parents.

He will slowly discover that he has many things in common with the famous Leonardo da Vinci, who had to face so many obstacles before being accepted as an indisputable genius. A show that talks about bullying and being different in the age of social media, about not feeling accepted during adolescence, and about the strength that we need in order to affirm our identities. A show on how to have the most important meeting of one’s life: the one with happiness.

from 11 years old