The colour pink – Il colore rosa

by Aline Nari
with Gabriele Capilli, Aline Nari, Giselda Ranieri
narrating voice Graziella Martinoli
an Aldes production, in collaboration with UBIdanza

Who said that pink is “for girls” and blue is “for boys”? Is the sky masculine or feminine? Is water masculine or feminine? And the mountains? A thunderstorm, the stars, the trees?

The colour pink (as well as being a ‘male’ colour for a long period of time) is a colour rich with many difficult facets to reproduce: because every ‘rose’ is unique and anybody can be pink in their own way.

The Colour Pink is a performance that deals with the themes of growth, the construction of one’s own identity and above all the need to carve out an intimate space, where one can accept oneself for who one is, beyond all stereotypes. Through its global choreographic writing (dance, gestures, voice), the show speaks in an ironic and evocative way about the path we follow to recognize our own individuality.

For children of 8 years and older

IL COLORE ROSA / Aline Nari / promo from ALDES on Vimeo.