by Dynamis


iD is an intimate and delicate performance, just like an encounter between two persons who don’t know each other. It invites the participants in a smart and sensitive manner to experience the physical and emotional reactions that result from a close encounter with the performer. They are both invited to answer to some simple voice-off questions. This brief drama varies from performance to performance, and it aims at starting a dialogue and an equal exchange between two persons, who are temporarily free from judgments. The performative mechanism compares different identities in order to explore the discomfort caused by the prejudice towards “the foreigner”, understood semantically as something that is unknown, and it opens up to a wider reflection on the definition of individual identity.

Dynamis is an artistic research group based at the Teatro Vascello in Rome. Their work is enriched by the collaborations with pedagogues, teachers, students, filmmakers, and non-profit organizations. Their educational and artistic activities take place in schools, theaters, museums, hospitals, prisons, public places and festivals, and they aim to provide the tools to stimulate the gathering and communication between people.


[The performance lasts 20 minutes and it is for one spectator at a time.]