Guardami meglio

A workshop led by Lara Guidetti


Age group of participants
14 – 18 year olds


Identity is not fixed but is ever moving and ever changing, and as a prism is composed of many faces and many possible versions.
The physical practice of listening and of individual, choral and spatial bodily awareness will be the premises for each meeting. Starting from the creation of “unconscious self-portraits” made with the eyes closed, the image that will emerge will then be shared and made available to the group so that it detaches itself from its creator and can be freely interpreted by others.
The workshop is the same for adults and teenagers, but in separate times and spaces, so that the work environment can be intimate, to protect everyone’s dynamics, and free from roles.


Workshop module
6 meetings of 2 hours each, composed as follows:
4 meetings with the class
2 meetings with the teaching staff


Lara Guidetti graduated as a dancer and choreographer at the Paolo Grassi School in Milan, studying with great national and international masters. In 2006, she founded the company Sanpapié, as its artistic director, choreographer and interpreter of over 30 works and more than 40 performances presented throughout Italy, Europe, China and Saudi Arabia.


Artistic High School of Forlì | Cesena
Wednesday 7th December 2022
Friday 20th January 2023
Friday 17th February 2023
Wednesday 22nd March 2023


Professional High School Aldrovandi Rubbiani | Bologna
Monday 13th February 2023
Monday 27th February 2023
Monday 13th March 2023
Monday 27th March 2023