Giardino motorio

A workshop led by Nicola Galli


Age group of participants
4 – 5 year olds


Giardino motorio is a workshop on movement inspired by the notion of the garden as a place of care and growth, that places the body at the centre as the primary tool for exploring our expressive and communicative potential.
Following a methodology that alternates action, creation and observation, the workshop proposes playful movement practices in which participants are guided in the exploration of their physical boundaries, of space and relationship with others, aiming at discovering perceptions, sensations and emotions through movement.
The last meeting of the series will be dedicated to children and adults: a time devoted to the discovery and exploration of playful proposals and experiences that stimulate new ways of equal relationship, in which all bodies share the pleasure of moving.


Workshop module
5 meetings of 1 hour each
The module also includes two additional meetings of 1 hour each:
• a preparatory one to present the activities to teachers and share methodology and goals with respect to the class group;
• a subsequent one dedicated to the group of children and their families.


Nicola Galli investigates the body with a research that ranges from choreography to performance, from art installation to graphic-visual conception. He also conducts training courses dedicated to children, teenagers and adults. His artistic research is oriented to the exploration of movement as a hybrid panorama of knowledge.


Nursery school Marighetto | Bologna
Friday 18th November 2022 (meeting with teachers)
Tuesday 22nd November 2022
Tuesday 29th November 2022
Tuesday 6th December 2022
Tuesday 13th December 2022
Tuesday 20th December 2022
Friday 20th December 2022 (children and families)


Nursery school | Rastignano (Pianoro)
Monday 16th January 2023 (meeting with teachers)
Tuesday 17th January 2023
Tuesday 24th January 2023
Tuesday 31st January 2023
Tuesday 7th February 2023
Tuesday 14th February 2023
Tuesday 14th February 2023 (children and families)