Frequenze d’onda


20 workshops by choreographer Philippe Kratz with a final presentation
Age group: 6 – 14 y/o


“…once I get going then I, like, forget everything. And I sort of disappear.”, says Billy Elliott in the homonymous film released in 2000 when asked what he feels when he dances. Disappearing. Taking off an old skin that is sometimes constricting, getting to know a new part of oneself, reinventing oneself, becoming someone else right in front of one’s eyes. What can our body express? How malleable and concrete is it at the same time? Who does it relate to and how? And above all: why? The workshop aims to be a personal and collective experience to make room for the evolving self. We will try to discover new aspects of ourselves through short meditation exercises, guided improvisation activities, and by exchanging ideas. We tune our bodies into the present moment.


Philippe Kratz was born in Leverkusen (Germany) in 1985. He studied dance at the École supérieure de danse du Québec, Montréal, and later at the Berlin State Ballet School. After dancing as a soloist for Ballett Dortmund, he choreographed and created works with Aterballetto, Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Gauthier Dance, and Bayerisches Staatsballett. His duet “O” won first prize at the International Choreographic Competition Hannover. German TANZ magazine named him “one to watch“ and in 2020, he was considered to be the best choreographer by Italian magazine Danza&Danza.