FIORI D’ORTICA – Storia di un incontro tra due ortiche in fiore

by and with Sara Moscardini
Compagnia Nonsoloteatro



A journey into the emotions of Adele, a 13-year-old girl who has just begun to become aware of herself, her body, and her relationships with her peers.

Adele is quiet, has few friends and sometimes thinks and does things that even she can’t explain. Fortunately, Grandma Bice reminds her, with affection and tenderness, how emotions can burn body and soul and that, even if we do not know where they lead us, it is always better to follow them than to remain indifferent. For his mother, however, Adele is nothing but a “seedling” who has yet to find its way, who still has to understand how to avoid the risk of turning herself into a nettle, a wild “difficult” plant that no one wants near them.

On a Tuesday morning, an unexpected encounter will change the story of Adele, who will find the courage to blossom and become the most unique “seedling” in the world, the one that best resembles her.


For middle schools.