Fa’Afafine – My name is Alex and I’m a dinosaur

by Giuliano Scarpinato
with Michele Degirolamo
in video Giuliano Scarpinato and Gioia Salvatori

Alex is a boy like any other, his room is full of toys where he invents incredible worlds of fantasy, and it is his bedroom when he lives his important days, such as the one in which he decides he will tell his friend that he likes him very much, he loves him.

To prepare himself for the big moment, he is helped by his toys, who one by one advise him on what he should wear: The princess dress or football boots? Aviator spectacles or a flower necklace? His parents spy on him from the keyhole to his bedroom and don’t understand: nobody has explained to them how to deal with such a special boy. They think that it is a problem, that they have to change him, but it will be Alex who changes them.

The show, winner of the Premio Scenario Infanzia 2014 perfectly blends irony and emotional bonding; a necessary task for the world of young people’s theatre, and not only.

Theatre and video
For children of 8 years and older

Trailer Fa' afafine – mi chiamo Alex e sono un dinosauro from Giuliano Scarpinato on Vimeo.