Dura Crosta

by Cà Luogo d’Arte
with Alberto Branca, Zeno Bercini and Massimiliano Grazioli


The crust is what gives bread its form, it defines it and characterizes it. Once the crust is ready, the bread can be eaten.

Bread is the most precious thing that nature gives us, but in this show it becomes the metaphor for the choice of a simple life, like the one that the two main characters make, a young entrepreneur and his foreman, who leave behind the artificial ornaments of a complicated life and they become poor Franciscan friars, on their way to knead bread around the world.

However, their first bread turns into a rebellious teenager on their kitchen cupboard: Zeno.
Zeno doesn’t want to “form the crust”. He doesn’t want to take a definitive form immediately, and he runs away.

When he comes back he is ready to become an adult, but he wants to tell his side of the story first: he puts on a puppet show in which Little Red Riding Hood chooses the most dangerous path, which is however full of surprises and unexpected occurrences that are helpful when growing up.

Because teenagers need time, patience, care and respect, just like the bread that leavens. We wanted to talk about life choices, about teenagers, about bread.


from 8 years old