Il destino è nel nome

conducted by Daria Paoletta


The female figures that appear in popular fairy tales are, in most cases, those of women who are almost never go-getters, often beautiful and busy cultivating their vanity: princesses, mothers, daughters, and fairies. Alternatively, they are evil beings: stepmothers, stepsisters, witches.
In this workshop, Daria Paoletta proposes to work on narration and on the object theater through three lesser-known fairy tales whose protagonists, Rosafiore, Leonetta, and Caterina, are female characters with great personalities. They are active and go-getters, but they are still victims of violence.
Starting from their stories, a face-to-face circular narrative session will be proposed, paying particular attention to the language that can also be used in a scholastic and narrative context.


The workshop is for teachers of primary and junior high school.