Barbablù e Rossana

A show by Monica Mattioli Company

Age group: 9 – 14 y/o


The show Barbablù e Rossana is rooted in the popular fairy tale of Blue Beard by Charles Perrault. An actress-narrator gives body and voice to the two main characters using some symbolic objects, maintaining the original flavor of the fairy tale. Red roses mark the beginning of love. The key opens the forbidden door. Golden lanterns indicate the road that shall not be traveled. And the beard made of blue strings bewitches, embraces, and protects but, gradually, squeezes until it hurts. Poetic and evocative images, hilarious moments, atmospheres full of emotional tension, and engaging music will be narrating an ancient fairy tale that may not be so ancient.


Monica Mattioli works in theater as an actress, director and author. She founded together with Roberto Corona and Gianluigi Gherzi the theater company CORONA GHERZI MATTIOLI. Subsequently, she began an important research on children’s imagery and created shows on social issues for children through theater workshops making use of valuable collaborations with pedagogists, teachers, and educators.