by Compagnia Factory Transadriatica and Compagnia Elektra
with Chiara De Pascalis, Antonio Miccoli, Francesca Nuzzo, Serena Rollo and Fabio Tinella


At the time of this story, Cinderella, an orphan, was doomed to be a servant in her own home for her stepmother, who filled the role of her mother and her father at the same time, and for her clumsy and ungraceful stepsisters.

At the time of this story there was also a shy and goofy prince, who had never left the kingdom. Therefore his parents, in order to marry him off, had no other choice than to throw a big party for him, a ball. Actually two… Or three.

At the time of this story everything was almost as it is today. Envy and jealousy inside a family, but also a world in which unscrupulous mothers are willing to do anything to “snatch” as much as they can but can’t have, manipulating their daughters like puppets to achieve their own ends.

A world where daughters are trained and spoiled, and where they are deaf when it comes to understanding and accepting other people.

It is the failure of a cynical and careerist education given to their children, which leaves no room for feelings.

This is the story of an encounter, of a redemption, of finding oneself, of understanding oneself through a language, the language of dance, which is made of words that do not need a voice in order to be said.


from 6 years old