Il Canto della Caduta

by and with Marta Cuscunà

animetronics Paola Villani
video Andrea Pizzalis
Coproduction Centrale Fies, CSS Teatro stabile d’innovazione del Friuli Venezia Giulia, Teatro Stabile di Torino, São Luiz Teatro Municipal in Lisbon



The legend of Fanes is a traditional epic of the Ladin people, an epic cycle that tells the story of the end of the peaceful kingdom ruled by women and the beginning of a new era, ruled in an oppressive and bellicose manner by men.

The main character is Dolasilla, princess of the Fanes, who was forced by his father (known as the false king) to turn into a Tjeduya: a warrior, the gunpoint of power. This choice, driven by the lust for power and domain, will cause the fall of the kingdom and of the Fanes people.

The myth says that the few survivors are still hidden in the bowels of the mountain along with their elderly queen, waiting for the golden times to come back; for a rebirth. A time of peace in which they will finally be able to return to life.


from 14 years old