L’après-midi d’un foehn version 1

by and with Phia Ménard
A Compagnie Non Nova production

What is more illusory of life than a plastic bag? Around the stage: fans, carefully aligned. In the centre, a curious puppeteer and dozens of bags. As the first notes of Debussy’s famous prelude play, the wind blows: it is the foehn, blown by the fans surrounding the scene. In front of our eyes, the bags come to life, expanded by the air currents and guided by their dance teacher in the centre.

An extraordinary aerial choreography begins and we experience an unexpected and multi-coloured poetry of juggling. Suddenly, we hope for a strong wind to help this colourful lightness to overcome all obstacles, to meet new opportunities and new lives.

For children of 5 years and older
National premier

Incontro con Phia Ménard: 29 ottobre 2016, alle 17.30, al Teatro Testoni Ragazzi (scopri di più)

L’après-midi d’un foehn Version 1 from Cie Non Nova on Vimeo.

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