educational path for teachers and educators

Meetings for teachers and many others

A free program for teachers, educators and for those who work in listening desks and in/with associations. The program consists of three meetings of two hours on November 2019. An educational program on teaching and learning about differences that follows the workshops and the in-depth events for teachers.

Info. and registration (+39) 051 598295 |


What is it about?

Drawing a theoretical basis from the most consolidated and recent gender studies, establishing keywords for education regarding identity / differences / relationships between genders, developing teaching tools and materials for in-depth learning and experimenting having conversations and guided discussions to help us discover ourselves and others, leaving schematic roles and the bias of prejudice behind.


Who is it for?

Teachers of all levels and educators. It is also for those who work in school listening desks and in the field of education, and for those who are interested in issues related to gender and sexual identity.


The meetings

The meetings will start November 6th 2019 at Casa della Conoscenza, Casalecchio di Reno.


Who facilitates the program

The meetings will be conducted by Letizia Lambertini (anthropologist member of Commissione Pari Opportunità Mosaico – ASC InSieme).


When and where, info and reservation

The meetings will be on Wednesday 5.30 PM, at:

Casa della Conoscenza
via Porrettana 360 – Casalecchio di Reno (BO)

Info and reservations:
051 598295 |