Geppetto and Geppetto

by Tindaro Granata
with Alessia Bellotto, Angelo Di Genio, Tindaro Granata, Carlo Guasconi, Paolo Li Volsi, Lucia Rea, Roberta Rosignoli

a Teatro Stabile di Genova, Festival delle Colline Torinesi, Proxima Res production


Tony and Luca love each other, they are a couple and are a happy family. And they want to have children. So they decide. They fly to Canada, and just like the first single father of history and all stories Geppetto, Matteo, their son, comes to life.

Matteo grows in a loving family, living a carefree infancy of joy. Many years later however, he confronts his father Luca: why did they make him be born in a different family? Why did they “create” him at all costs?

A story that is not biased “for or against”, but tells the story of a father who wants to be a father and a son who wants to be a son.



For children of 15 years and older

Ubu Award-winner as Best Novelty or New Drama Project